Software Change Overview

We switched software on August 16, 2023. The new software, called Churchteams, will help us to better disciple and care for one another and make our big church feel smaller! We think the experience for you will be pretty seamless. But we will benefit internally from better data organization, better communication and giving tools, as well as cost savings. Most of the work switching software will be on our end. But there are two things you can do:

1. If you are a recurring giver, set up your giving on the new platform.
Visit our Give page to set up your new recurring giving AND turn off your old giving on the old platform. Because of digital security, financial information can’t automatically be carried over. So while this will take a few minutes of your time, it’s worth it for the security!

2. When you check in your child for Kids Ministry or yourself to a bible study or event, eyeball the data on the screen and let us know if anything is incorrect. Our old system, Blackbaud, handled data differently from the new one, and there may be some hiccups in the massive data transfer we are undertaking. Please alert the person at check in to the issue, and we will get it resolved!


When is this new system live?
It launches August 16, 2023.

What will I notice is different?
The interface and giving experience should look almost the same as before. You’ll still visit this page to access the giving buttons, and the new system’s interface looks very similar to our outgoing system.

Why did we switch?
For a couple of reasons: Our old software provider is shutting down their system. We were looking to make a change come the end of that contract anyway. Additionally, this new system represents a great cost savings and allows us to be better stewards of your generous financial contributions.

Why can’t you transfer my recurring giving information?
Financial security protections keep your information safe and inaccessible to any other party. We can help cancel the old giving, but we can’t see your information to input it into the new system.

When do I need to set up my new giving by?
We hope to shut off the old system by mid-September to avoid incurring duplicate software costs. If you don’t set up your recurring giving on the new system by that time, your contributions will stop.

What methods of payment do you accept?
Online, you can give using a credit card or ACH (also known as eCheck), which automatically debits from your bank accounts. You can also give with cash or check in the Giving Boxes at church.

What are the fees associated with different payment methods?
If you give using a credit card, the church incurs a $0.25 + 2.2% fee per transaction. If you give using ACH (eCheck), the church incurs a $0.39 + 0.25% fee per transaction. To put that in perspective, a gift of $100 will rack up $2.45 in fees on a credit card vs. $0.64 on an ACH transaction. Again, these are fees incurred by Revive Wesleyan for processing.