CompassCare cares for women considering abortion. They provide all their services for free as they care for the unborn child as well as the women with love, compassion, and dignity.


Our Heart Check funding will support:

  • 34,000 15-second ads on traditional and streaming TV, which have proven to be effective marketing tools to reach women in crisis.
  • Security camera upgrades for the Buffalo facility to provide a safe and secure facility for the staff, volunteers, and clients.

Janine's Story:

When I walked into CompassCare, I was confused and emotional. I've had terminations before, and it's not easy to deal with. It never goes away. Honestly, I feel like I shouldn't have been blessed with another pregnancy. But when I came here, the atmosphere was different. The first nurse was so sweet and kind. I've never beent treated like that at another clinic or felt accepted. She made me feel comfortable. I didn't feel alone anymore."