Living out our Values

The Core is our study of the seven values of Revive Wesleyan. We asked some members of our congregation how they have put these values into practice. They shared stories of God working, changes in their own hearts and lives as a result, and even offered some advice to those of us wondering how to start putting what we're learning into practice. Read on and be encouraged.

The Seven Values of Revive Wesleyan

We did a study of the seven values of Revive Wesleyan, which are really seven values of Christian living. If you missed it, you can get a copy of the journal below and then catch up on the values and the sermons. We encourage you to put these into practice and live them out!

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Value 1: Scripture

We keep the eternal truth of Scripture central because it is God-inspired and authoritative for salvation and all matters of Christian living.

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Value 2: Prayer

We connect directly with God individually and collectively. At all times we listen, repent, lament, give thanks and intercede for ourselves and others through the Holy Spirit.

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Value 3: Worship

We worship God every day in awe and wonder with our thoughts, speech, and actions.

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Value 4: Disciple-Making

We fulfill the Great Commission of making disciples in the spirit of the Great Commandment.

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Value 5: Generosity

We give our time, talents, and resources to others because of God's love for us.

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Value 6: Hospitality

We welcome anyone into our church, homes, and hearts.

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Value 7: Outreach

We go to those outside of our inner circles and geographic locations to show the love of Jesus.

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