Eight Days of Hope serves as the hands and feet of Christ – providing light in the face of darkness, restoration in the face of destruction. They are a national organization that responds to disasters across the country, helping to rebuild homes, communities, and lives. They have several ministries, including a rebuilding ministry, rapid response teams, a new safe house in Ohio, mass feeding ministry, and more. Every summer, they work on a district in the City of Buffalo to help homeowners in need of everything from new roofs to yard clean up.

Eight Days of Hope

Our Heart Check funding will support:

  • The costs of drywall, paint, roofing supplies, and meals for the volunteers during the Buffalo project this summer. 
  • National disaster relief efforts as Eight Days of Hope responds to tragedies around the country.

From an Eight Days of Hope Buffalo recipient:

“We’ve been working on this house since 2016. I’m so grateful for the crew who has volunteered their time to help my mom have a kitchen. She has not had a kitchen since we bought this house.” 

Eight Days of Hope Buffalo 2024:

They will be back in Buffalo July 20-27, 2024, providing free home repairs and work in the Ellicott District. Revive is going to participate in a big way! Youth will spend a weekend working together (July 20-22) and we want to make July 24 a big Revive day where we meet in the morning and go into the city together. You can also volunteer any or all of the other days! But check out the video to learn more about the plans for this year.