Child Dedications

Campus: McKinley,  Bayview Chapel,  South Creek,  Springville Crossing,  East Aurora

The Bible clearly states that God desires to have a relationship with us, and that includes a relationship with children. Child Dedication is an awesome mile marker in a family’s faith journey. Our church wants Child Dedication to be a spiritually uplifting way for you to connect with your family at home and to connect with your family at church.

Register by calling the church or emailing . Please register by June 9!

What am I making a commitment to do?

In essence, you are making a commitment to be the parent God called you to be. The ceremony of Child Dedication will only be memorable to your children because of the story you will write on their hearts, teaching them to follow Christ. The commitments you make at the ceremony are simply the beginning.

1.  I acknowledge my child as a gift from God and commit to loving my child unconditionally.

2.   I desire my child to love God by following Jesus and understand that I, the parent, am and will be the primary influence and example.

3.   I will partner with God’s family, the church, and commit to regular involvement in the community life of the church.