Congregational Meeting

Campus: McKinley

Come and hear exciting ministry updates and help us welcome new members! Those who took the membership class this past March will be officially received as members of Revive Wesleyan. There are also a few matters of business that members will vote on: our board members, delegates to the district conference, and the renewal of pastoral call for Pastor Paul in his role as Lead Pastor. 

In accordance with the procedures outlined in The Wesleyan Discipline, the Local Board of Administration met on March 20, 2024, and voted to recommend Pastor Paul for a renewal of call. The congregation will vote on this recommendation at this meeting. The voting will be open to all; however, the official count will be based on members only. Absentee ballots for members are available upon request. Contact Kim Smith at for an absentee ballot. If you have questions about the board or the vote, please contact the Vice Chair of the Board, Mark Banks at .

Members are especially encouraged to attend, but all are welcome.

One update: while the congregation used to vote on the annual budget, a recent rule change by The Wesleyan Denomination no longer requires that. Board approval is still required, and a budget presentation will be part of our meeting, but a vote will not be taken on the budget.

Got a question for Pastor Paul or our team? Email that ahead of time to Kim Smith at  and we'll address that evening!