Parenting Solutions

Campus: McKinley,  Bayview Chapel

This program from the National Center for Biblical Parenting provides great training on responding well to authority, cooperation, the conscience, repentance, emotional management, and spiritual development. Get practical biblical ideas for challenges kids face at any age. 

Each week will feature a short teaching on a different topic along with some tools and ideas parents can try to apply in their home. Parents will then be given an opportunity to share and ask questions so that they can understand better how to apply the tools or ideas they learn about that week.

No registration required! This takes place during our Tuesday Nights at Revive, so there is kids ministry available for children of all ages.

The Heart Based Parenting Ministry goal is to help parents recognize the practical and spiritual benefits of using this approach because it is how God works with us as his children in bringing about heart change.
This weekly topical discussion is one way to start incorporating this into your parenting.
Parents will quickly learn 3 basic tools that position them to:

  • Guide them to be coach rather than police…training children to practice doing what is right rather than focusing on stopping wrong behavior.
  • Transfer responsibility to the child for their particular challenge
  • Build obligation in the heart of their child so the “I need to “ overcomes the temptations of “I want to”
  • Teach child to take responsibility for their part in any conflict, giving them a path to confession and repentance
  • Allows them to apply firmness without using harshness
  • Use consequences to motivate child toward doing what is right