Heart Check | Moved

The Series: Heart Check | Moved

Heart Check is our annual opportunity to engage in ministry outside the walls of our campuses. It is a call for us to serve others in our local communities, in our city, and globally. We are called to pray for those whom we partner with as they love people and share the Gospel. We also have a chance to serve in tangible ways with our time and talents and to give of our resources to make this work possible. We hope you'll join us on this adventure as we participate with God's work in the world!

Moved to Surrender

When God moves, He uses us and our gifts.

Moved Past the Obstacles

When we are to be moved to take Godly action, expect obstacles from without & within and address them to keep moving forward!

Moved to Take Part

As Christians we are to be moved to take some part in participating with the Holy Spirit in bringing God’s hope, healing, and grace to our broken...

Moved to Pray

As a Christian an appropriate initial step to being moved by something, is being moved to pray.