Locally Revive Wesleyan had more than 20 volunteers serve at Oktoberfest in Hamburg, loving the community by handing out free balloons and candy for kids & providing free bottled water for the entire festival. In Eden, Revive participated in the annual Corn Fest with a terrific float in the parade and handed out fr ee water. In Springville, Revive sponsored an “All Pro Dad Breakfast” at the local elementary school with 130 people in attendance. A few years ago, this event drew maybe 50 people. So this was a geat turnout! Our East Aurora campus is partnering with the Rural Outreach Center, planning and implementing a new work readiness training program. 

Regionally Revive had more than 20 volunteers serve with our Heart Check partner Eight Days of Hope in the Fillmore District this summer. They joined more than 1,300 people from 30 states to work on 197 homes, offering free repairs and maintenance work, including new roofs and porches! 

Globally Revive sent 13 short-term missionaries to our Heart Check partner Poetice International in Zambia, Africa, on a 10-day Love Choma trip. During this trip, we loved and served the city of Choma in many practical ways, including installing solar street lights! Overall, more than 40 people have gone on international mission trips this year. 

If you’re looking for a way to get involved, we have several partners in the city actively looking for volunteers. Please visit the Outreach page and click on Service Opportunities at the top of that page to learn more!