Joe has become an active and involved member of Revive in the past year. He serves on the communion team and video production team, with outreach projects like Eight Days of Hope, transporting donations to VIVE, the Hamburgh Holidays Parade, and this March he'll go to Zambia on the work mission trip. So how did this all get started?

"I started coming in March of 2022. A friend of mine plays piano on the worship team and he started coming. I came to watch him play. But I really started consistently coming when Tuesday Nights started last fall. Revive has changed my life. The people, the hospitality, the groups, the ministries, the preachers - I’ve never experienced anything like it. So after I had been here for a few months, I was asked to help build the float for the Hamburgh Holidays Parade. I'm a contractor, so this came naturally to me to use my everyday skills to help out."

You're doing a lot. How has the experience been?

"Something I've always wanted to do is serve. But course, the more you give, the more of your time it takes. I do run my own business and wondered if there would be a trade-off, but there really isn't. You can't outgive God."

If you'd be interested in serving at Revive like Joe, learn more about opportunities to join a team.