Ratio Christi

It is a tragedy that 70-80% of high school students who grow up in the church will leave their faith in college. Those who continue to grow in Christ in college are often those who have reasons for their faith, understanding why it is logical to believe that God exists or that the Bible is historically reliable. Ratio Christi exists to build a vibrant fellowship on campus where college students are equipped with reasons for their faith so that their college experience can be marked by growth in knowledge and love of Christ. In Ratio Christi students are not only strengthened in their own faith, but also equipped to share their faith winsomely and thoughtfully with friends on campus who don't yet know Jesus.

Overall we seek to build college communities that are growing in love for God's inerrant word, growing in devotion to prayer, growing in depth of life shared with other believers in fellowship, and growing in zeal for thoughtful evangelism. 

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