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Peace with Others (part 1)

SPEAKER: Pastor Paul Gartley | |

We can, and are to, pursue peace with others.

Week 1 of this series (Peace with God) pointed out that God has done all that was needed for us to have peace with Him by sending His Son, Jesus, to die as the sacrifice for our sins. And that if we receive this grace gift that we have peace with God. Week 2 of this series (Peace with Ourselves) pointed out that a continuation of what God did for us through Christ result in there being no condemnation for us. This acts as the reason & catalyst as to why & how we can comfortably be at peace with ourselves. When it comes with Peace with Others, the current week of the series, what we covered from the Bible was largely stuff we can pursue (in the power of the Holy Spirit).

Bayview Chapel Campus Sermon:

South Creek Campus Sermon:

Springville Crossing Campus Sermon: