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When Overwhelmed

SPEAKER: Pastor Ken Nash and Becky Beers | |

This message started with 60 seconds of silence.  Just 1 minute.  Try it before you hit play on this video. (It's not included at the start of the video here's nothing).  Or is it?

Stop for 60 seconds.  Do nothing.   Do you feel anxiety? Do you feel like something must be wrong?  Do you know why that 60 seconds can be awkward?  Because we are conditioned toward movement.  Energy. Action.  

That was a 60 second illustration of what the month of December often does.  It attacks us with busyness.  It showers us with advertisements of activity.  Therefore it produces anxiety. Pressure.  It’s like we are always attacked with the need to be productive.  Think about that…over those 60 seconds, there really was no pressure.  No awkwardness.  It was just silence.  It was peace. It was quiet.  What is wrong with that? 

Now...hit we begin our series "Near" by talking about how Jesus is exactly that, even when we are overwhelmed. 

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