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Nothing says “Welcome!” like someone, well, saying “Welcome!”

We need a team of people to make our church a home. Just as you prepare your home to welcome guests, we have several things we do to make our church hospitable. See if any of these strike a chord with you:

Sunday morning greeting team: grab a name badge, pick a spot to stand, and offer a smile and greeting to those walking in. It’s that easy! And it goes a long way.

Ushers: once people are in the building and looking for a seat, it’s always nice to have someone help them out, particularly if they are new. It only takes a few moments but makes a world of difference to a family who just rushed in.

Communion team: we typically celebrate communion once a month, and it takes a small team of people to ready the elements for hundreds of people across multiple locations. This would be a monthly commitment of a few hours.

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