Honduras is the primary focus of Storehouse Mission Support. Storehouse Mission Support was founded by longtime Revive Wesleyan members Lee & Annie McCune after being missional in Honduras since the 1990s. Storehouse has sponsored medical mission trips, helped in construction projects, supported an orphanage and school, provided guidance and advice, run a water filtration project, and more. Peter and Tyanne Jurka are their full-time missionaries in Honduras. They live and work in Valle de Angeles, a poor village where the ministry house serves as a medical clinic, food and clothing distribution center, and outreach facility. The center needs repairs and renovation so that locals and mission teams can increase the outreach and impact for the village. 

Storehouse Mission Support

Our Heart Check funding will support:

  • Equipment to update existing soccer and basketball court
  • Transportation and meals every other week for youth at outreach events in surrounding communities
  • Part of the salary for a new Director of Ministry at the Hope Center

From missionaries Peter & Tyanne Jurka:

“While praying about leadership for the proposed sports/outreach project in Habitát, we asked the Lord to show us someone to work hand-in-hand with us, with the same vision to carry the gospel while ministering to the youth in this particular village. We felt very limited in our prospects because many people are afraid to participate or have communications within a gang community.
A few months back, while surveying the sports complex Revive helped us to renovate, a young man and his wife came running across the basketball court. He was calling our names, but we didn’t recognize his new demeanor. He told us that he had met us in a different village several years back and that we had spoken a word over him. The message he received was, “There is danger all around you and Satan wants to take your life, but there are guardian angels watching over you and God has a wonderful purpose for your future.” He told us that he left unimpressed, decided to join the gang, and was shortly thereafter put into prison. While there, he turned his life over to Jesus and began to read the Bible and learn God’s ways, remembering the words that we had spoken over him a few years earlier.
When we recently met again, he told us, “Please know that I have never forgotten that day when we first met, and my wife and I are here to serve you, the community, and the Lord in any way that we can.” Suddenly, we realized that this was the couple we had been praying about and that God had been preparing for this Heart Check challenge. God’s ways are always perfect, and we just have to walk in obedience to His plans.”