Addictions & Alcoholics Victorious


Monday Nights at 7:00pm | McKinley Room 130
4999 McKinley Parkway, Hamburg | Enter Door 3

Do you find yourself battling and trying to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol? Addictions and Alcoholics Victorious is a safe place for you to come and talk with others facing similar struggles.

We meet year-round and there is no need to register. “Why is there a Christian version of AA?” is a question we get a lot. From Alcoholics Victorious:

“Those who are familiar with AA may well ask the question above. For believers in Christ, the answer is simple: we have identified Jesus as our ‘Higher Power’ and we would welcome the opportunity to meet in His name to deal with the problems that surround addictions. The meetings allow us to speak freely of our relationship with Him, share our struggles with faith issues, and use intercessory prayer for our healing. Christians are NOT immune to addictive or compulsive disorders, and hiding our problems from our church adds to our ‘shame’ burdens and hinders healing.

Those who have not yet placed their faith in Christ have an opportunity to come to know the true ‘Higher Power’ spoken of in AA, finding an atmosphere of accepting Christian love in which to form a personal relationship with the Lord.”


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    Monday at 7:00 PM

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