A GOAL OF $750,000


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$15,000 is allocated to local outreach opportunities in the four communities where our campuses are located: Hamburg, Eden, Springville, and East Aurora. We are changing the way we approach local outreach this year. Who better to connect with the hearts and needs of our communities than our wonderful campus pastors who faithfully serve, live in, and participate in their towns? Our campus pastors and some volunteers at each campus are taking the lead in reaching out to community leaders to learn the needs of their communities and how Revive Wesleyan might be able to meet those.

Hamburg (McKinley/Bayview campuses)
We plan to reenergize our food pantry, Thanksigivng food drive with Hamburg High School, and the Giving Tree at Christmas. We are also meeting with local elected officials and other leaders to see how our ministries and facilities can benefit the broader community. This past summer we opened a disc golf course on our property, which was constructed primarily by community members outside of our church. It's open to all and is a great way to get new people on our campus.

Eden/Evans (South Creek campus)
We will continue to provide financial support to Operation Good Neighbor, a community food and clothing pantry located across the street. Meetings with local leaders have already revealed the need fo ra safe, comfortable space for teens to hang out after school. So, we are renovating a game room in the Community Building and connecting it to our existing cafe. We're also excited to get back to community events like the Eden Corn Fest, where we'll participate in the parade and hand out free water.

Springville (Springville Cross campus)
We will support Springville Youth Incorporated by sponsoring sports teams and helping fund the great work they do with youth. We also plan to do hot dog pop-ups at the places teens hang out like the skate park and basketball courts. To serve people of all generations, we work year-round with our partner The Trading Post, which meets thousands of clothing and food needs in the Southern Tier. And finally, we want to open up our space in the historic Joylan Theatre to provide free community movies and special events like the showing of The Chosen.

East Aurora (East Aurora campus)
We have connected with the Rural Outreach Center (ROC), whose mission is to break the cycle of rural poverty. Part of that includes providing meals at Thanksgiving and gifts at Christmas. We are also partnering with the ROC to develop a work readiness program to teach job skills. We also want to support and participate in popular community events like Music Fest and Carolcade. And finally, we plan to hold church in Hamlin Park in August so we can meet people where they are.

We have many terrific partners in the City of Buffalo and the larger Western New York region. These organizations reach people in the darkest of circumstances with the Gospel. And they do it in a variety of ways, from nutrition and job training to caring for those suffering from addiction or escaping human trafficking. We are committed to being a part of the solution right here in our hometown.

716 Ministries Work Readiness
Location: 301 14th St., Buffalo
Heart Check Partner for 11 years

The training opportunities 716 Ministries provides have expanded over time from soft skills training to include construction and retail services. They want program participants to find successful placement in the job market or start their own businesses. Some of the individuals they work with are immigrants with business acumen but a language barrier while others are Americans who have been undertrained or underemployed.
Fund a staff member to provide hands-on training, mentorship, and vocational planning for participants in the programs that are hired onto 716 construction crews, the Three Stories Cafe team, or facilities management team.

Buffalo Adult & Teen Challenge
Location: 124 Locust St., Buffalo
Heart Check Partner for 1 year

Adult and Teen Challenge is a 9-12 month Christ-centered residential program for men with drug or alcohol addictions. They have to be willing to be in the program for at least one year and engage in daily Bible study and work and service opportunities as they work to overcome addiction.
Fund a grant writer. This organization's programs could qualify for funding, but they've never had the ability to hire a grant writer. By covering the costs of an experienced grant writer, that person will be able to do research and apply for funding while directors of the program focus on pouring into the ministry.

Location: 1230 Eggert Rd., Buffalo
Heart Check Partner for 5 years

CompassCare wants to take away the fear that causes many to abort. They have created a supportive environment that cares not only for the babies but also the women, who are treated with love, compassion, and dignity, CompassCare provides all their services for free - testing, sonograms, and checkups. They also connect women with necessary supplies and benefits. Many women choose to follow Jesus after coming to CompassCare.
Purchase television ads to reach women at risk for abortion. This will cover about 25% of their TV marketing budget for the next year.

People Against Trafficking Humans (PATH)
Location: 999 Delaware Ave., Buffalo
Heart Check Partner for 9 years

PATH is a faith-based ministry to end human exploitation through education, prevention, and restoration. One of most pressing issues victims of human trafficking face is securing long-term safe housing. PATH is seeking to purchase a home in a safe location to house eight to ten clients with 24-hour, on-site staffing. Paired with services related to mental health, substance abuse counseling, and life skills training, they will help these individuals move toward a life where they are no longer controlled by their trafficker but by their own decisions and life goals.
Fund a house manager/survivor support advocate, security personnel, and facility costs for a long-term safe house.

Seneca Gospel Mission & Promise Valley Farm
Location: 462 Elk St., Buffalo
Heart Check Partner for 4 years

Seneca Gospel Mission works with youth in South Buffalo, many of whom lack basic job skills to ensure success. Seneca Gospel Mission wants to create a unique platform for teens to practice hard and soft job skills in a real-world environment. They come at it with a holistic approach, focusing on character and spiritual development and mentoring. Our support will help with leasing space and start-up costs to launch the coffee house.
Provide start-up costs for the Rise Coffee House that will be used to train teenagers on critical job skills

We will continue the strong partnerships we have built in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, India, and Lebanon in this campaign. All of these organizations bring healing, hope, and the Word of God to people in desperate need of all three. As people in these countries face pandemic recovery, persecution, instability, and more, now is the time to help these partners continue their remarkable work.

Heart for Lebanon
Location: Lebanon
Heart Check Partner for 9 years

This ministry reaches vulnerable children in tent settlements, providing Bible teaching, recreational programming, health education, job skill training and more. Through the Hope on Wheels mobile ministry, they seek to build up new communities of faith. We are going to help maintain the vehicle with everything from fuel to insurance and repairs so they can keep rolling.
Fund the vehicle they use for their Hope on Wheels education ministry

India Gospel League
Location: Salem, India
Heart Check Partner for 11 years

We have a five-year commitment to South Asia. We will support 17 leaders for one year. This includes 12 monthly regional planning meetings, quarterly meetings for women and youth, and a children's club that serves 1,500 kids. We will also help fund the construction of one life center. Life centers are like the well of a community - providing daycare, education, services every weekend, and trainings.
Support the adopted region with training

Jericho Road
Location: Goma, D. R. Congo, Africa
Heart Check Partner for 7 years

With our help, Jericho Road's Wellness Clinic at New Hope Center will increase capacity of in- clinic deliveries, provide care for premature and sick newborns, increase pediatric immunizations, increase capacity for surgical admissions, increase in- and outpatient prenatal care and well visits. This in turn will create more local jobs through increased clinical capacity. This is by far their biggest clinic. In one month, they saw 1,444 outpatients, 214 inpatient admissions, 95 births, 44 surgeries, 177 children fed in malnutrition clinic, 236 prenatal visits, 186 kids immunized, and 197 covid vaccines given for 2,593 patients total.
Enable their clinic to meet the overwhelming medical need in Goma

Location: Choma. Zambia, Africa
Heart Check Partner for 11 vears

Poetice's location in Zambia is a communal place for leaders, pastors, and others to worship, listen, and learn. As the central hub of their initiatives, their multi-purpose worship center is a workhorse for Poetice. Our funding will help make it highly functional, adaptable to many uses, and attractive and comfortable. We'll provide new chairs, flooring, lighting, sound system, windows, screens, doors, cry room, and a raised sound booth. This will enable to them to hold church, Bible studies, trainings, and more.
Renovate the multipurpose worship center at their base in Choma

Youth for Christ Lebanon
Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Heart Check Partner for 9 years

Youth for Christ Lebanon converted office space into a studio and hired a full-time staffer to produce high-quality content for their ministry. Life in Lebanon is turbulent due to the pandemic and ongoing violence. Professionally produced, engaging content is key to reaching youth in this environment. This project began in 2020 and bore a lot of fruit. We want to help that continue by covering their expense for it. This platform has led to real discussions about faith with people from diverse backgrounds.
Fund their social media campaigns, studio, and staff as they connect with youth

We have many partner ministries and individuals we have worked with, some of them since before the idea of Heart Check was born. They are doing wonderful work out in the world. We call these folks legacy partners because our relationships run so deep. Many of them were just average congregants like you who took on a project and are now running with it. Legacy Partner Missionaries are individual or family units with a deep-seated relationship with Revive Wesleyan and need to raise support for their ministry work. We ensure that the work of the missionary organization closely aligns with the mission of Revive Wesleyan. Legacy Partner Organizations are chosen based on the length of our current relationship, the amount of involvement by our people in the ministry, and how closely each organization’s mission aligns with the mission of Revive Wesleyan. Learn more about two of these organizations below.

Peak Partner Missions
Location: Belot, Haiti

Peak Partner Missions works with the community of Belot, Haiti, to provide a quality education to children in the remote mountains of southern Haiti. When Tom & Judy Schaner first visited The New Birth School, it took place in a torn tent and many of the children didn't have a lunch each day. With the creation of Peak Partner Missions, 160 elementary-grade students now attend the school in a permanent building and have a lunch provided to them every day. Their goals for this year include building a parsonage for the pastor, continuing to provide nutritious meals, and supporting teachers with training and transportation.

Storehouse Mission Support
Location: Valle de Angeles, Honduras

Honduras has the highest level of poverty in Latin America. In addition to internal strife and violence, they have also experienced devastating hurricanes recently. Storehouse Mission Support is supplying food, vitamins, clean water, and health services to meet the needs of the people in the villages where they work.

We highlighted just a couple of our legacy partners here, but we have several more working with students, refugees, immigrants, the homeless, athletes, kids, and community organizations. Their work is varied and stretches from Hamburg to the other side of the globe. They rely on our support to continue their work in the mission field, and Heart Check makes all of this possible!


Local $108,600
Regional $162,000
Global $290,000
Legacy $89,400
Operational Support $100,000

TOTAL $750,000

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